Tuesday, 29 April 2014

High as a kite

I am as high as a kite went into the arena this morning with a plan:

"To do my homework and achieve at least 60% of how it was with Tom"

Well we achieved that and more and I made sure I smiled.

It wasn't until I left the arena that I realised how long it has been since I walked out of a schooling session not worrying  will he / will he not be ok.

There was the period of rehab. which was always a worry if the legs would take the strain, then would he stand up to cantering?

It was so nice to walk out feeling I had my boy back :-)

Sunday, 27 April 2014


So first lesson with Tom this morning, explained I wanted to work on having C more forwards without using the kick and gallop down the long side technique as that wouldn't work for me

Tom watched me do walk warm up and basically I  don't do enough, too much time between transitions / movements. I would say looking back that I slop around with no plan or real purpose 

So on a 20m circle started working on walk -> halt! more leg required and just do more transitions than I usually do.

Added in partial turn on forehand, need to stay on my seat and not consent to being pushed off it, also need to think "tie to Tom" to make sure my shoulders are correct position.

Also halt -> rein back thinking quicker steps as schooling exercise then walk (later trot) 

Trot -> halt -> rein back -> walk -> turn to outside to change rein -> trot

In trot think inside leg to mid line, watch still doing tie to Tom, stay forward in rise 

The partial turns on forehand were much more useful for suppleing than my usual shoulder in/ travers

Halts improved hugely but I need to be more consistent , persistent and insistent to stay where we got today when on my own

End result was C more responsive to leg, better transitions and moving in trot without leaning and being manoeuvrable , could ask him to increase stride length without him going down onto my hands

Also much more inclined to have poll as highest point and not bear down.

Need to use outside rein more than I do and use inside less - change the ratio also need to use legs and support / hug him into downwards forwards transition

When about to ask for trot trans don't tighten through hips, relax and go. Looking back I think I have been getting too anxious about getting him to go and thus tighten and make it harder for him so Zintry harder and tighten more and bingo you're in a  vicious circle 

I think I need to praise more and smile more and enjoy the moment more. I have always looked as if I am sucking lemons when riding Tom couldn't tell if I delighted or not so how would that feel to Chorrie ? It was sone of the best feelings ever and if Tom didn't get that vibe then would Chorrie ?

It was amazing to feel the transformation in Chorrie without "getting after him" or doing anything really other than being quiet and riding with a plan and purpose.

It was an amazing high and I'm still flying :-) 

Thursday, 24 April 2014


Treatment on 24/04
On walk up he was with his quarters to the left, but was tracking up well.
Lateral flexion to the left was good but reduced to the right, normal flexion was good. Limb mobility was good and neck mobility was also good.

Treatment: articulated throughout and manipulated lumber spine on the right.
After walk up quarters swung evenly left to right


We mirror each other (!)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Visit to Carl Hester

Went with Pip (my third time) to watch Catl training, Charlotte and Valego had left that morning for the FEI World Cup 

Saw the chestnut I saw last April has made amazing progress

For me the stand outs were how Carl is the same if so something goes wrong he just quietly tries again or moves onto something else. The other was counting yourself into a flying change 

His training is very quiet was a fabulous day with lovely company

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Better days

So boy is on antibiotics hock was going down Thursday; today Sunday is still enlarged but has definition and looks like a hock, legs still very scabby but he is waking out much better with no wobbling behind.

Wednesday seems like a bad dream I really thought that was it but he lives to frighten me another day

Off to London Thursday to the National Gallery to see Veronese and then the NPG for David Bailey's Stardust and finally to a talk with Bailey and Tim Marlow in conversation .Went to see the local operatic society Friday night 42nd Street, then Saturday into Oxford for Guys and Dolls

Not much in the way of horsey doings waiting for saddler Weds and osteopath for me Thursday in meantime just keeping hand in by doing walk work

Think I need to extend my comfort zone so need to look for local trainer who also has arena external to Duttons so can start at home then get back travelling out, have three possibles

Tom Graham
Jodie Atkins
Simon Laurens

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Oh Fred bod

So Tuesday 8th went to yard as normal went yo pick out his hinds lifted the left hind and he started to collapse, didn't seem like pain more like fight hind leg refusing to support him.

So turned him out and RH was corkscrewing more than normal, so booked vet for  Thursday forward to Wednesday AM, check ligament right fore has blown up, left hind is fat from hock to pastern, he us covered in bloody grazes wash legs and turn out

Very slow walking out and struggling on turns teetering on edge of losing balance ring vet and ask her to come Weds keep eye on him whilst mucking out as concerned if he rolls he might not be able to get up again

Seriously of opinion that PTS that afternoon is likely as went downhill so quickly.

Fast forward to Weds afternoon and he strolls down to yard as if the morning was just a bad dream, vet arrives I feel a fraud extending her day because I said he couldn't wait until the next morning  

Get to yard this morning (Thurs) and he is much brighter wash tail and legs, rinse with antibacterial spray grazes with Hypocare go get Chorrie to turn out together Fred whinnies at C appearing and Fred walks out as normal

Hock us still fat , check still up but he is happier, vet is happy that he  has sufficent quality of life so I am happier and grateful for more time with him

Sunday, 6 April 2014

A lovely Lorna lesson

It has been far too long, but what with schedules , weather n(remember the constant heavy rain) and me then being wrong much time has passed

Anyway finally our diaries synced and the weather gods were kind.

My current concern is Chorrie's crookedness not helped by my current issues and this week as I've got stiffer (roll on osteopath visit) he has got more crooked

So started off in walk and Lorna immediately corrected my position, I was BTV probably because there is less painful with regard to the abdominal pain but getting back to vertical and not collapsing dooooooooown (string on top of head) improved the walk strides So to get there I need to feel slightly forward and get that odd feeling (TMI to detail here)

Onto trot and he did a good demonstration of the crookedness issue to correct this I need ZERO left rein and sufficient right rein to have a bend and for the millionth time

  • Hands as a fcuking pair!!!
  • You give the rein by hand forward not out to bleeding side
I gave no idea how many times SFO has said hands as a pair, plus Lorna clearly I am not a one trial learner

So homework is

  • Hands as a PAIR
  • Less left rein tending to zero and more right rein
  • Leg yield
  • Insist and persist for a right bend as we LY
  • Build up the amount of trot, so he gains confidence that I will not pull him crooked
  • String on head, do not go BTV , feel slightly forward