Thursday, 31 August 2017

Thursday 31st August - Lesson - Indoor School

So usual walk and trot warm up.

Then in trot commence lateral work (both reins)

  • SI long side 
  • SI ->  15m circle -> SI
  • SI -> 15m circle -> Travers
  • Half pass to CL
  • Half pass to CL -> Half pass back to long side
  • 20m circle in travers
The circle in travers really highlights if you have the pony in the outside rein (!)

Got some absolutely stonking trot large to finish, pony was soft and forwards and manoeuvrable 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Tuesday 29th August - Lesson - Outdoor school

So lesson outdoors not as warm as yesterday but still pretty warm.

I love the warmth and the sunshine especially after the miserable days we've had recently where it has felt more like October and Autumn  than July/August

Usual warm up -> walk on inside track with half circle at short ends starting on right rein

Then walk 20m circle 15m circle then change rein to left rein and repeat

Need to think about is he flexing left ? Also am I assisting him on the left turn, is my body turning am I sat where I need to be?
Legs long (mine)
Poll high

If walking out well and flexing then onto warm up trot. Allow him to go at his pace but keep him balanced and keep same rhythm long sides and half circles

Trot work having done trot warm up (20m circle 15m circle then change rein to left rein and repeat)

Shoulder in 15m circle shoulder in (long sides)

Turn onto centre line leg yield to change rein

Half pass from long side to centre line -> half pass back to long side

What I need to remember

If I stop to adjust girth / whip /whatever then make it a PROPER transition down to halt and a PROPER transition to walk/trot

Watch and guard the left flexion

Legs long (mine) and poll high