Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Amazeballs just amazeballs

So not written up my Tom lessons my bad!

Some gems " have submission before you add in power" " check who is holding who"

Last lesson  19th August Tom rode Chorrie because I was a stess head with work and full on IBS, got on afterwards and wow, my lovely VW Polo has morphed into a Ferrari he felt so unlocked through his body started work on the canter which I need to let roll onwards

So fast forward to today I need more commitment ride everything for a ten, each transition should be the best I can do no half assed attempts

More work on canter again I need to let it roll forwards and encourage him to open up his stride 

Simple changes should come from my body not my hands and do the change on a straight line

Trot post canter was cracking but again I must ride the transition and each stride not sit and wait for three strides

Homework is to work on simple transitions can also add in bits of Novice tests