Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Chorister Timeline of fall

10th August - seen to fall over in paddock and land flat and heavily on RHS

13th August - farrier

20th August - physio out to check post fall nothing of remark noted.

Right fore getting more difficult to pick up.
25th August - lump LHS neck appears larger than usual

28th August - saddler out mentions RJ

1st September - Liz Brown out to scan  lump LHS of neck that appeared enlarged post fall

13th September RJ Visit

15th September - Physio visit

“It has been noted at his last shoeing he has become more difficult to shoe ; he allows the limb to be extended and protracted but not flexed and retracted making shoeing very difficult. The previous shoeing did not present a problem.

The bouts of spasms  have also become more frequent again.

He did have a fall in the paddock prior to this where there was concern as it was a hard fall but no lameness or apparent issues were noted as a result such as stiffness, lameness."

24th September - physio visit

30th September - physio visit

Rehabilitating Sport Horses

Rehabilitating Sport Horses

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Tom Graham 8th September 2015

Well it has been a long time since I last rode with Tom and a long time since I blogged properly.

I went to Portugal in May with Pip had a wonderful time riding, have tried several horses but they all have a but, my issue not theirs

My back has been bad this last month so Chorrie hasn't got the walk work he needs for his rehab and it was all a bit pear shaped and I was feeling very despondent.

But here we are I'm back in the saddle, my back is now just grumbling rather than shouting at me and life seems less grey. Still the worry with Beaglie and the dementia but we have to take each week as it comes and travel in hope

So back to the lesson, first lesson in the new indoor for Chorrie he found all the stable noise terrifying    so walked him in hand until he settled. Told Tom wanted to work on our halts as they were AWOL, Tom asked us to show him what we'd been doing and there was the first bl00dy great hole we bumble along and bimble I might do a bit of leg yield or shoulder in but there isn't much of a plan nor it would appear is there much straightness

So worked on a circle with C staying on my circle path and me having a defined path

We've lost straightness most of my halt issues are straightness issues ride him off the outside rein maybe with some counter flexion and he halts easily.

So exercises

1/ If he gets too deep do a few steps of LY to engage and thus lift the poll
2/ If he spooks keep the leg on keep him thinking forwards
3/ LY to track, half 10m circle, LY back to track

But most of all ride the outside round , not pull the inside round.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Chorrie and the physio 1st May

Chorrie had the physio this morning all good he is progressing the right way :-) 

So going forwards we can 
  • Increase the walk work duration to 45 minutes by end of May
  • Start lateral work
  • Use the horse walker (alternate reins) while I muck out, then ride
  • Use poles twice a week
  • In hand work

So busy month ahead :-D

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Rehabilitating tendon and ligament injuries

Tuesday, 17 February 2015