Thursday, 22 December 2016

Lesson with Jessica Wade

So noticeable improvement.

I am still struggling physically to keep a grip on the left rein, some of it is neurological and some is habit.

He went noticeably better from the get go :-) so chuffed with that.

Will keep on keeping on

If he leans and buggers off then *do something* , do a circle get control back and resume exercise don't just sit and hope that somehow divine intervention will work ...

So today's schooling patterns

SI -> 10m circle to restore forwardness - > SI

On a 20m circle

1/4 circle travers -> straight 1/4 circle -> 1/4 circle travers -> straight 1/4 circle

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Lesson with Jessica Wade 20th December

So today I concentrated on keeping my left rein a set length.

If he shortens his neck send him to the contact, if he leans activate the hind leg.

Was difficult at first as Chorrie wasn't settled but by keeping the rein length and not fiddling we got a good contact and a much better trot left rein.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Back on the blog

So following the terrible loss on the 16th July (RIP darling Oliver Beagle) Chorrie was pretty much unridden for a week as I was barely keeping my head above water emotionally.

How do you cope when someone that has shared your life and been loved by you for sixteen year dies? Well I guess I didn't truth be told.

Anyway I got back on board on the 24th and it was pretty obvious that a week of not much work wasn't good for the pony.

Had a second lesson with Jess today and things are back on track.

However I need to work on having him even in both reins as he hangs on the left so need to fill the empty right rein.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

The week that was and a lesson in the sunshine

It's been a difficult few days, on Friday 8th April Chorrie spooked coming out of the barn lost his back end and got away from me.

Turned him out as no physical marks and went to Hartpury for the Winters to cheer lead Jess on her up and coming young horse Empire H. Jess rode a fabulous test, and I had a lovely day with Trudi and John. Got back to yard and pony trotted up sound

Saturday 9th rode pony in large outdoor and he wasn't right behind. Sunday rode with Jess and he was improved on Saturday but stiff right hind , a bit better again come Monday but still NQR

Physio out on Thursday , to her it felt like he cork screwed as he fell , disappointingly there was a lot for her to do and he needs an easy week

Matt from Grant Chanter out on Friday, front lower right premolar wobbly, a few chips bit otherwise as you would expect, next visit in six months.

Then out to lunch at Witney Lakes which was lovely

Huge disappointment only part of my order from Horse Health arrived and not the saddle cloths and ears I was looking forward to

Saturday did a bit of walk work and spent time descabbing the mud fever scabs with Sudocrem and cling film !!!

Sunday lesson

So biggest take home was if he is leaning on right rein, ask him to bend left and use right leg.  Use twice as much leg as hand otherwise you are just wagging his head ( my words ) and not being clear you want him to keep moving.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Transitions on a Tuesday

So today's learning was in plain English get the pony off his head aka front legs and more towards being on his hind legs.

He likes to use my hand as a fifth leg, fair enough I like a decent contact but there is a difference between a contact and pony leaning and balancing on my hand .

So lots of transitions that are more seat than hand and it does help, he seems to particularly lean post lateral work (tiredness?)

I still need to place the shoulders then ask the hind quarters in half pass especially trot half pass.

Tomorrow will be walk/trot/walk transitions

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Saturday's learnings

Pony seems to very much enjoy his lateral work, he gets very jolly post lateral work and lots of transitions were needed to get some semblance of control back

Half pass in trot need to ensure he doesn't go deep, also be more consistent in shoulders first 

Leg yield need to go forwards and over not just over

Carrying a whip does help

Need to be stricter with myself by door I need to

A) Not look out
B) Ride normally