Tuesday, 28 August 2012


has taken a few steps backward :-( not back to where we were when we started but definitely a set back.

Stiff in knee only apparent on treadmill when water increases resistance, still happy and jolly and bouncing about.

Have stopped physio exercises until we get treadmill back on track then will introduce exercises one at a time to try and see if there is one exercise in particular that is the issue or was it something else entirely?

Friday, 17 August 2012

Erik Herbermann Clinic Day 2

Sue S 

Do not think in a negative way be more 'let's go' do not pay attention to what he is; think of what you want him to be.

Do not pigeon hole

Both reins have equal value


Know your purpose

Details it is all in the details

Brief and effective aids

If too deep can raise both hands then leave alone and go forwards


If horse is against bridle animate and think loudly of forward and down

When bringing horse up from forward and down do not let horse know that you have noticed imperfections; keep going all the way up

SFO (Pooh)

Half halt to energise Pooh, it energises Pooh because it frees Pooh up.

Align halt go

Ignore head and ride body

Do not chase after feels, getting the technicalities right will result in good feels

If you feel that you want to pull on inside rein use leg/stick and outside rein to brief halt.


The last steps of an exercise are the most important ones

If you can't give without him curling up  then he isn't balanced.

Forwards and down it is the forwards that is most important

Take time to go to the buckle end just don't drop the reins

If deep then to raise poll drive halt light flow

SFO Tiswas

Energy halt turn

If you cannot move shoulders horse is not straight

Shoulders (horse) must feel mobile

Friday, 10 August 2012

Flying changes


Worked on improving my proprioception of right seat bone, pompom under right seat bone then remove pompom still MIA

Pooh (all captured on video)

SFO was trying new bit on Pooh, French link fulmer snaffle as opposed to eggbutt snaffle overall didn't think it felt any different but maybe it was the magic flying change bit of which more later :-D

So  usual start walk on long rein, then trot on a loose contact, similarly with canter. Canter need to remember to sit left and stretch right in canter.

Need to keep head up (SFO said to look at video to see impact of head up / head down on my seat / back) and keep right side stretched, plus elbows at sides. At times it feels like patting my head and rubbing my stomach to keep all these correctional balls up in the air and not drop one. However got canter on each ask except one where I didn't follow through the ask with intent.

Joy's correction on Chorister only works if I also sit left and stretch right on Pooh and probably on C too.

So time to put the Poozle Woozle on the aids need to get him sharper on this well actually I need to be sharper and more consistently demanding. Need to also make sure elbows are in place when asking. When riding on the aids my left hand goes to hell in a handcart, also need to make sure there is no backwards ask with my hands.

Holding whip in errant left hand does help as does maintaining my elbows.

So many trot/halt transitions later and I am getting a better sharper reaction so onto canter trying to sit left and stretch right so start on right rein with some goods from SFO then she suggests I come across diagonal and ask for a flying change. This is the point I should have clarified the aids for FC but no that would be sensible and involve inhibiting me I'd just rather gung ho into it and see what happens so around corner onto diagonal straighten Pooh and ask late behind bum bum bum, so onto left rein and nail that easily.

When asking from right to left, need to make sure I keep Pooh absolutely straight and not block with left hand or pull head to left and emphasise right seat bone to allow room for left hind to step under and through.

Can't believe that in just under a year that SFO would allow me to attempt a flying change that she'd consider I can ride well enough to attempt this on Pooh who SFO admits isn't the easiest of horses.

Wow just wow

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Today was a day I'll remember for the rest of my life :@)

Up shower breakfast walked dogs whilst Tony did bits and bobs, into car on time as driving away go through the have you got check-list to discover no railcard so spin round and Tony hots foots to pick it up.

Pretty sure we'd miss train but no just get onto platform with minute to spare; such a good job I asked Tony to collect tickets the night before. Tickets would normally be £58/each with the Olympic deal got them for £7.50 !

Train pretty empty :-) bought lunch at M&S in Paddington, tube to Charing Cross, train to Lewisham (first for me having never been on overground out of Charing Cross) then DLR back to Greenwich (another first never having been on DLR)

Lovely walk to  the Games Makers were without exception cheerful and just made the day even more special.

Swiftly through security with a nice Navy officer fanning my fevered brow with his cap :-D

Long queue for water so as water in loos was marked not fit for drinking on Tues thought fcuk it and bought five 250ml bottles for the bargainous price of £8 (!) then once inside loo water not marked as unfit so filled up our empty bottle in case :-) in case of what not quite sure but us Brits like to be prepared for everything with rain ponchos packed on one of the hottest days of the years so far and also more appropriately factor 40 sun cream.

Couldn't believe our seats SECOND ROW only one row in front of us and we were on the long side in line with where A is. Amazing plus because the exit/entrance was our side pretty much every rider passed close by :-D

History was made today I had been hoping for Team GB to take Gold and Bronze with Adeline Cornelissen taking Silver, just got the Bronze wrong as thought it would be Carl with Laura 4th.

Laura took Bronze and Carl was 5th with Charlotte taking Gold however I did think she'd blown in with the mistake in the piaffe but no she took Gold the stadium erupted I cried and it became a top ten day as history was made.

I really don't see what the judges see in Parcival he doesn't float my boat even ignoring any alleged training methods used; to me eye he is often chin to chest and mostly BTV plus if you cut the reins hell would break out, Laura does get an active hand with Alf that I will admit but it is only when he gets strong and he never looks chin to chest.

Loved the way the commentator urged everyone to drink water which given the interval was 15 minutes was in no way long enough to get out queue as always for the loo, seriously when will they build venues with a female loo/male loo ratio of 2:1 women always queue men rarely.

Caught the Thames Clipper to Westminster which was a lovely way to travel on a hot August evening then tube back to Paddington then home.

I didn't agree with Greenwich being the venue when announced thinking it should have been Windsor but have to admit it was a fab venue and will I think be iconic for the Eventing in the way Barcelona was for the diving.

Truly that was one of the days of my life and just so fab to see  humane training take Gold and Bronze.

Now planning a trip to the Europeans :-D

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Lesson with Mrs Morris or decapitation with a cheese knife

So today a lesson with Mrs M on C, have previously had lessons on Soli whilst C was off games.

So yes I do collapse right on C as I do on Pooh, however Mrs M's suggested fix was different to my one with SFO and Pooh. For C I need to sit to the right - yes to the point where I feel my ass is hanging off.

Sat like this my right seat bone is MIA, it is often MIA even not sat like this. We know my pelvis is not distorted having had SFO's paws disappear under my ample ass, both are equally there I lack awareness of the right one.

So we worked on this feeling in walk how my seat moves, I can feel the lateral movement but not the up/down of the seat bones.

So concentrated on feeling as butt cheek goes back then managed from there to get to feeling the up/down :-D

Well chuffed we were :-))))))

So as we can feel the back so should the hands think of moving, this was useful in helping C not go deep.

Excellent lesson with a butt cheek breakthrough !