Wednesday, 11 May 2005

Reg's Funeral 11th May 2005

Reginald Ernest Smith 14th August 1921 to 1st May 2005 doesn't really sum it up does it? 56 years of happy marriage to Marg., two sons and three grand children.I am finding it hard to grieve for Reg as having seen him in hospital as he lay dying I just couldn't wish for his life to continue. My grief is for Marg. to lose a much loved husband well what can I say in words?Yesterday was a lovely sunny day contrasting with the sea of black. Tony and I followed the cortege at Marg's request not something I would normally do but if it brings comfort to Marg then so be it.Seeing the coffin with the lilies really had me  :unsure: they were the flowers Marg carried on their wedding day. The service was lovely then there was Marg stood in front of the coffin as we left the chapel my heart broke for her.They were such a loving couple, born within five months of each other and they lived next door to each other in a village four miles from their marital home. They went to the same school with Marg sitting behind Reg. Reg went off to fight in WWII and Marg worked as part of the war effort building aircraft wings.Reg returned home he and Marg started 'seeing' each other they married and moved into the house opposite our home where they have lived ever since.God bless you Reg it was a privilege to have known and loved you, Tony and I will continue to love Marg and look after her.'