Sunday, 20 May 2012

Quasimodo or a weekend at Arrow

Quasimodo was this weekend’s theme. 

Saturday Blackberry

So discussed how last time SFO had been less directional for my last ridden session and that I saw this as progress, but also how to determine what I should do and how to determine what I should do. Led onto discussion of what I think is my biggest issue, I thought rising trot, SFO thought maybe the collapsed right side was more fundamental. Could be chicken / egg anyway agreed to concentrate this weekend on collapsed right side. SFO thinks now that I am not crooked on BB we are ready to tackle my crookedness on Pooh. So I can ride a mechanical horse!So did work on collapsing left side (would do this on left rein with Pooh) and stretching right  hence feeling like Quasimodo.Circling arms one forwards and on backwards at same time, showed up different range of movement in shoulders.Shoulders forward then up and then down, then shoulders back up and then down.Need to get shoulders looked at.Worked on point soften elbows in rising trot.  

Saturday Pooh

Quasimodo - push in left waist and push to right
Left rotator cuff down and back
Point soften

Had a discussion how at moment I need to just accept the correction for my right crookedness and not try to figure out why if am weighted more right seat bone etc etc Similar to you teach a child 2+2 = 4 and it is some time later you'd teach them how to do the proof. 

SFO concerned that by trying too much to analyse am not focusing on the actual issue and she doesn't want me to be one on those pupils who returns every year and acts surprised they're crooked as though it is a new piece of information.

So I have to crack this one, there is no other option.

Had a discussion about Billie whilst doing Quasimodo, SFO thinks good idea and keep in double (if in double) and just play and enjoy her. As for the buck if a lunge before gets the buck out then not really an issue.

Sunday Blackberry

Worked on weighting left and right seat bones, with a cushion  under left and then right to see what helped.

More shoulder work can now circle arms different ways :-)

Then worked on rein contact tension areas seem to be left palm and right shoulder.

Left hand gets grabby when doing Quasimodo

Sunday Pooh

Started off on lunge with a pom pom under right seat bone, hard to get left down as pom pom 'fatter' then cushion.

When doing Quasimodo need to collapse in waist and keep shoulders level.

Left/right element of walk easiest for me to feel, struggle to feel up/down element. So worked on this.

Sit on back pockets so slightly BTV and feel the up/down from crotch to boobs.

Then come to vertical and think of how on BB the hips joints move so ass moves back and forwards but not in front of shoulders.

Mentally exhausted when got to yard, met up with SWMBO who also thinks Billie is a good idea.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

These are better days

So indeed these are better days, some much needed sunshine, a trip to London with the husband and saddler fitter out on Friday to have a look at saddle in readiness for getting on board.

We are getting close just need him to stay sensible in the pen

Monday, 7 May 2012

A weekend at Arrow with Pip

So off on a road trip with Pip to Arrow for an overnight stay.

Day did not start well woke up with feeling of foreboding and no idea why then felt sick, did twig foreboding might be because last time I stayed overnight Millie became unwell which ended up with our losing her RIP Millie cat you are much loved and missed.

Arrived to find Joy still there :-) and in school with SFO; so unpacked made pot of tea and just enjoyed being in the lovely and warm 'little house'

Pip was first up on Blackberry then it was my turn; worked on rising trot 'ass to wall' bi fold shower door. Did some off Blackberry exercises against door frame and ass to wall!

It is all in the hip joints!

Then I rode Pooh was pleased that

1/ I can finally maintain canter and not lose my position or focus and thus maintain the canter

2/ I will now canter with reins in one hand whilst trying to feel my hip joints move.

Got a few moments of amazing trot down the long side towards SFO

Some good canter where I 'bear down' sort of breathe in and down ?

Had supper with SFO started off with Champagne to toast SFO's b'day on Wednesday, she liked her socks which are pretty pink! SFO did say she liked pink. After supper Pip helped SFO do final check and then we watched a bit of video and from there to bed.


Woke up too early then slept fitfully, odd as normally am like log so got up showered and demolished several pots of tea,

Back to Blackberry did work on seat bones with Connie cushions which killed my thighs.

Got some quality canter on Pooh so well chuffed with that.

Noticed that I am now getting less direction from SFO, no longer getting told what to do so need to start having a plan and not just wing it (!) However it is progress that I am being allowed to work in this way.

Was due to leave at 13:00 but was after 15:00 so Tony <aka my Sainted Husband > went to do afternoon stables as C would be in too long without hay otherwise.

Got home around 18:30 ate sat like Zombie on sofa went to bed early and slept for TEN hours.

I find it mentally exhausting.

Didn't manage to get to talk to SFO about schoolmaster am seeing on Weds but did get to talk about Portugal.