Thursday, 25 November 2010

Half Pass

Today we started half pass, well I started C can clearly do it :wub: even with Muppet rider.

I love him so he tries his heart out for me.

Canter half pass :blush: varied from a 4 to a 7 (Clare also judges and I asked how good it actually was)

Nearly fell off :party: when he shot off after some crows flew off the bales that line the long side as windbreak. Still least Clare has seen it now and I'm having a NLP session with her on the 6th. She is pretty confident I can be rid of the what ifs.

I do think he likes his lessons with Clare she is full of praise for him and radiates a positive can do aura, her view is the more I am challenged the more I rise to it. On the left rein I ride (our least preferred rein) whereas on the right she says I coast and don't ride enough as in I abandon him.

The figure of 8 canter pattern change leg through walk, I need to watch :bawling: as he got very sharp to leg/idea and I was half asleep and not ready and nearly out the plate (again)

Friday, 19 November 2010

Shoulder In

Lesson 2

So back on board after physio and day off for boy yesterday.

Told Clare he'd had physio and what physio wanted him to do (lots of sideways stuff and easy) so Clare said she'd adjust planned lesson to suit.

Still feel a bit :bawling: at findings; especially given he has been seen every six weeks by someone who never commented on the muscular development issues the physio did.

So walk warm up then trot then down to work.

1/ Walk 10m circle at C, come off circle, straighten then leg yield to track on hitting track shoulder in to corner, straighten then trot and on long side vary trot (not as far as medium)

2/ Then repeat in all trot.

Switch reins and repeat 1/ and 2/

then in trot 10m circle at 1/4 marker shoulder in to B or E 10m circle shoulder in to 1/4 marker, canter at 1/4 marker trot at B/E repeat change rein

SI on left rein initially messy, then realised I either helped him as best as I could even if my help not perfect so tried to help him more.

Then figure of eight in canter with change of leg via canter -> walk -> canter trans

Interesting debrief, Clare thinks I need to have more trust in what I can do, she also thinks the reason he sometimes isn't forwards is because he is protective of me and feels the wibble.

She thinks we make a good team, clearly we love each other and he wants to work with me (almost :banghead: at this point) her opinion is I am lucky to have him as he is very special.

Her view is that he needs more variety in his flat work, other than a bird flying out randomly (so a genuine spook) she wonders if the spook at nothing is due to boredom or being too held in front and it is his way out.

We talked about me having him quite short (I will also do this when alone and wibbly) and how when he is short I feel safer, but as she said he can get out of it by doing a step spook sideways which is what he does in lessons. Oddly enough when alone and wibbly have just realised he doesn't do sideways spook step

Hmm ...

Clare clearly lives by NLP and is hugely positive in all she does, teaches and says. It really has an impact on both me and C. He feels much jollier with Clare, more vibrant and didn't spook once. Clare fits with where I currently want to go, I now want to ride C with a longer neck (now don't need short holding rein for confidence) and do more lateral work. I wanted to do this before physio visit but now I know for the good of my horse I must make this change.

I've asked to be taken on as regular weekly pupil and she has agreed and will make space (Mother is to be asked to babysit), she is happy for me to use other trainers.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Nicky Desailly - Visit 1 - 18th November 2010

New physio to Chorrie today.

LOTS to think about, seems odd both previous physio (eight weeks ago) and massage person (one week ago) didn't see as much 'wrong' as ND.

Looks like i will be getting lots of exercises to do, including pole work.

So best make use of Equissage/Magnetic rug/exercises and see how much we can improve him before next visit.

ND did say need to do lots of lateral work, in and out on a circle, SI, shoulder fore, leg yield with him.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

A weekend of lessons

Lesson 1 Sue Nevill-Parker

Brain over load, barely got out of walk. Was so delightful to see Sue again for all our email bickering and her strong views she is the one to whom all others are compared. She isn't perfect; I almost get to put her on a pedestal and she goes and topples off with something she says, but for all that she is I think quite simply the one.

Am not sure if my head is clear on what we did :lol:

Sue asked what I wanted to work on said turning left, so did some work on Chorrie following a direct ( inside ) rein and weight, then an indirect rein and weight. He follows right rein on right circle well, less so left rein on left circle BUT if I use indirect rein to turn left that works better. SNP said this is because it corrects my weight to where it should be.

Did some work on buckle and fire drill.

Sue then rode him and on left rein asked for quarters out which I then tried to replicate with varying levels of success.

Interesting getting back on after Sue as she had done some lateral work (c/f lesson 3) Chorrie felt very jolly in a sane level headed way his body felt more available to me.

Took C back to yard, kissed wonderful husband :wub: who had come over with me goodbye and went back to Waterstock for supper with Sue, Joy, Pip and 'Anne the mouth'.

Supper was interesting, I have never been quite so pushed to tell someone to shut up before. Simply never met anyone like it and hope I never meet her evil twin; unfortunately I suspect she will be a permanent fixture on the clinics so may skip future suppers. or carry a roll of duct tape or simply walk softly and carry a big stick!

Lesson 2 Clare Goldie

Clare has trained with Emile, is qualified in NLP is a counsellor and I know her mother so was expecting a nice person but possibly quite front end oriented as so many 'dressage' trainers are but good with nervous riders.

Started off with age name of Chorrie and what I liked to call him, Clare asked how good a rider did I think I was :lol: decided to be honest and said I'm OK. I'm not a bad rider but I'm not yet a good rider. Asked what were C's strengths temperament, ability and forgiveness, asked what were his weaknesses had to think on this one and basically said he would sometimes amuse himself when I failed to be present.

Clare watched me walk round and said she felt C needed to be kept engaged and interested in his work, had a chat about the 'what ifs' and I think she could be very helpful :dunno: ended up doing circle in SI decreasing size of circle, then leg yield out and as you hit the original circle path canter. Improved our canter trans no end and got that sane jolly feeling again. He was also fowards and I wasn't wearing spurs or carrying a whip. Then in and out to medium on the circle.

Clare made a fair number of positional corrections, mostly shoulders and tense jaw and looking down. Then had brief summary.

I have a good seat, nice hands when not tense and clearly a partnership with C whom I clearly cause to feel he is a special horse and that radiates from him :banghead: .

Surprisingly (must learn not to pre judge) she wants as quiet an aid as possible and soft yielding hands so was wrong there unless that changes over time.

Then did trot large with the beginnings of collecting on short side and medium long sides.

Called it a day and walked him off, Clare said he was two horses in one a very nice workmanlike horse and something very special. Asked if at any point I'd felt out of my comfort zone and I hadn't. :lol:


I now firmly believe C needs lateral work to feel at his best, the jolly feeling is I believe him feeling good.