Monday, 3 June 2013

An open letter to Sue Nevill Parker of Arrow Equestrian

Dearest Sue

I am writing this letter so if at some point in the future I go mad and need to be shot I'll at least have told you how I feel about you and you'll know the huge influence you have had on my equine life for the better.

Firstly I love you, that doesn't mean at times I wouldn't happily biff you with a shavings fork, but you have always been there for me even when I've been a brat and that I will forever cherish.

I love your honesty I'll be honest and admit I don't always like it and at times I've wanted the duvet in the peanut gallery to swallow me up, but I do appreciate it even when you're being honest with me. I'd much rather a relationship where we can both say what we want to say,

With you I can be me, you get to see the murky gloomy corners that I hide from most people, I also hope you get to see the great joy that being around horses creates within me. I rarely feel there is something I cannot say to you because you will think me a complete fruit cake and I can count on the fingers of one hand the people I can fully open up to.

Watching your truck come down the yard drive yesterday and the excitement I felt rammed home to me how  much you mean to me and how I've never told you.

I like the clarity of your teaching and how you strive to find a way for me to understand and not just keep saying the same things a bit louder. I like that I can ask questions without having to dance on a pin head.

My life is better for your being a part of it.

Thank you