Saturday, 15 July 2017

Saturday 15th July - Lesson - Indoor school

So lesson at 09:30 in the indoor with Ros.

Main learnings from this lesson

  • No we no longer get the 'lumpy' trot on the left rein nor have we for a long time I need to recalibrate my expectations and not just be satisfied with an OK trot but to ride for a GOOD trot
  • Corners riding a good corner will help with the trot half pass F -> X then X -> M as it gives more room
  • Balance him 
  • Ride at home schooling as you would for a test, prepare and ride corners 
  • Ensure consistent bend / flexion when on left rein.

Poor neglected blog - Getting back to it

So I'm now having lessons with Ros Wade the mother of Jessica Wade, because Ros has more availability than Jessica so it just fits better with my limited availability.

I've been having lessons for about three months (?)

Ros has a very detailed eye for rider  position and horse way of going.

My riding has improved and I'm paying more attention to detail

The pony's physio was pleased with how he felt last time will be interesting to see if we've retained that improvement.

Our barn has been pressure washed and repainted and is looking very smart as we've had a major tidy up.