Sunday, 29 April 2012

Slow down!

were two words I never thought I'd hear from SFO!

Had an interesting talk about drains/radiators or vampire/cheerleaders whatever ever you like to call those people in your life.

How drains/vampires can just sit in an Erik clinic and suck the energy.


Need to anchor my right seat bone more, so to do so right arm up and back (think rotator cuff moving up and back), point right boob forward.

Pooh Bear

Need a right side
Need to not look out on right rein going down open long side as Pooh will look out too, did try closing my eyes instead and he spooked :-) sort of like 'no that isn't what we do, back to default please'
Noticeable when anchoring right seat bone, he wants me off it and does the whole swing 1/4s 'thing'
When SFO says elbows need to think rotator cuff up and back, as otherwise shorten reins (!)
if LY not working then sit more not more rein
On left rein if I bend through ribs Pooh bends, probably at mo need to go everywhere in slight shoulder fore

Much more productive lesson than last one too distracted by eye candy that turned up!

SFO is a huge radiator/cheer leader for me :-)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The therapy princess

  1. Equissage
  2. Magnetic rug
  3. Equilibrium massage  pad
  4. Equilibrium magnetic pad
  5. Magnetic boots
  6. Hot and cold compression therapy boots
  7. Cold water cool boots
  8. Pulsed mag unit + leg and back pads
Hmm quite a list :@)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Do you want a loving loan home for your dressage schoolmaster?

Experienced but nervous middle aged lady looking for a dressage schoolmaster to lightly compete at Elementary level and have regular lessons on. S/he must be sane and sound.

My ideal horse would as a minimum have a competition record at Medium and be working at Advanced Medium at home.

 In return I can offer a loving home on a good livery yard in West Oxfordshire, with two schools, horse walker, all year round turnout, worming programme and with an excellent yard owner.

My horses have regular physiotherapy, Equissage, dentistry and saddle checks. I am currently training with Sue Neville Parker of Arrow Equestrian and at home I use a BD trainer.

 References are available from my vet (who is a GB team vet), physio, yard owner and BD trainer.

Chorrie and the physio

So today for the nth time in the ongoing check ligament saga Chorrie had the physio.

Today was a turning point, today he wasn't stiff all over, today he had no major areas that were considered an issue.

So from the scans we had on Monday and today's physio visit we may have turned a corner. Just need him to stay a good boy out in his pen for a couple more months so the left check gets stronger. Can now work the walking back up to 20 minutes horse walker alternate reins and when on 20 mins then 10 mins one way 10 the other.

Can also reintroduce pole work. I need weather to dry up (am aware this doesn't help the drought) so can leave him out longer than 5 hours.

Currently struggling to balance Fred's intake of grass with keeping Chorrie's pen a reasonable surface for Chorrie. Fred is also in a much larger pen and once Fred eats off grass Chorrie follows on behind. So might be back on middle May.

Slightly disappointed we never managed to get back on within the year but progress is progress.

Physio seems to think with no more issues Chorrie will get back to where he was

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Walking the road

So here we are walking the road that is called getting back to normal, he goes out around 09:30 and comes in at 14:30 so five hours turn out.

He is sensible going out but a bit of a drama llama coming in past large school, he was better last night going out through main field and up runway.

Scan booked in for Monday to see how ligaments are reacting, vet fairly relaxed about him having the odd 'moment' as legs do seem to be non reactive (crosses fingers)

Selfishly would like dry and calm weather for a bit so pen lasts longer as need to move it weekly so it doesn't become a slippery mud patch, will be easier when it can be bigger. Moving it not an issue other than easier with two and it is a bore for Tony to spend two hours on a Sunday moving it.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Slow Road To Normality

is hopefully the road we are now on, moved the pen today so he has a little more grass still on grass that Fred has eaten 'off'

He is now generally in the main walking in and our pretty normally, still have him going in and out in the bridle but last three days he has been sensible (frantically touching wood)

So plan is to get him onto 'normal' turnout this week and scan on the 16th and see what turnout is doing to the ligaments.

The Fieldguard fencing posts and fittings and tape were IMO eye wateringly expensive compared to other stuff you can buy for 40mm tape but for making him a turn out pen it was money well spent, so much more secure than the heel in type posts.

Friday, 6 April 2012

An afternoon in London

So today I met Pip for lunch in London had chips and a bacon and avocado sandwich at Cafe Nuvo then off for the 14:30 introduction to the National Gallery had a bit of a foot in mouth moment when the chap doing the talk explained that the National's collection stops at the impressionists to which I remarked to Pip 'thank god'; chap thought I was talking to him :*) so had to repeat remark!

Thought Holbein's The Ambassadors amazing, the skill almost as if Holbein was doing the image just to show off how skilled he was, totally amazing and although I've seen it several times before it being in three parts passed me by. Mad Daily Mail reading woman (she was carrying a copy thus proving my stereotyping) going on about secret societies.

Also Gainsborough's Mr and Mrs Andrews again a painting I've seen before but never spotted the unfinished part of the dress.

Clearly not much of an eye to detail although I did spot the unusual pony shoes in Uccello's The Battle of San Romano and interesting to hear how he used the hedge to solve the foreground going into the middle ground and how the missing arch of the painting with the sky altered the perspective of the background.

Also saw Crivelli's Madonna of the Swallow with St Jerome as a cardinal even though at the time the painting was supposed to be set cardinal's did not exist :-)

Monday, 2 April 2012

Booted and suited

Today I put turn out boots on the boy first time since 5th May 2011; long may it continue!