Sunday 9 January 2022

9th January Best Laid Plans

 So best laid plans laid waste went to get up and my 'back went' so no riding at all and no driving until Thursday last week

Yes I should have been doing my chiropractor exercises , yes I should have noticed when my left leg got more problematic than normal but I ignored the signs and paid for it.

I went to a Zumba Gold class on Thursday and that was good fun

So of course now I'm stretching and it has eased but having started a 'Kick Start 2022' strength training and mindset week I did the lunges and can feel the sciatica doesn't like it 

Hopefully that lessons learnt 

  • Do stretches
  • Do NOT do lunges
  • Look at the sciatica care Pilates ideo GP sent you 

 I should probably start having regular sports massage again ....

Let's see what this week brings 

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